Project Title: Design and Installation of LAN/WAN
Client Name: Efab International School
Client Address: 2nd Avenue, Efab City Estate, Mbora. Abuja.
Completed: Yes
Project Description:

  • Electrical design, piping, wiring of Intercom, Satellite Tv and LAN / Wi-Fi networking.
  • Installation and programming of TDX 100 intercom IPBX (fully expanded) with 80 points Voice/data lines
  • 10 points satellite TV points
  • Procurement, deployment and installation of 1.8-meter C-band, V-sat dish for internet broad band connectivity
  • Procurement, deployment, installation and configuration of Mikrotik Router, Access Points and Ethernet Port Gigabytes switches
  • 50 points face plates / modules terminated to the patch panel to the system racks
  • 30-points HD tv installation
  • Designing (video/photo shorts editing), scripting and implementation of Multimedia Telemarketing LCD screen display effects at the schools’ reception (contentiously playing for advert Purposes & for a quick glimpse of all the schools facilities and activities.
  • Schools web portal / website design hosting and management