Project Title: Network & security installation

Client Name: Toprank Hotels Utako Abuja

Client Address: Plot 652 T.O.S Benson Street, off Okonjo Iweala Way, Utako, Abuja

Client Tel:

Project Month/Year: August 2017

Completed: Yes

Project Description:

  • Design & deployment, electrical piping and wiring of cctv, Satellite TV, intercom,
    Smoke/fire alarm system and LAN / Wi-Fi networking
  • Procurement, Installation and programming of 24 CCTV Units (with real time, mobile remote
  • Procurement and installation of intercom iPBX (TDA 100), 50 extensions points, Voice/data lines
    & telephone boxes.
  • Installation and programming of HD satellite TV Decoders (10 units) with over 150 clean &
    clear signal channels in all the 33 rooms /suites, offices & outlets.
  • Procurement, networking & installation of 15 faceplates with modules terminated to ethernet
    patch panels on the system racks for LAN, data and VoIP internet broad band connectivity.
  • Procurement, Installation and configuration of Mikrotik Router, RB 1100 with license 6
  • Procurement, installation and configuration of 4 units of DAP Access point Radios for seamless
    wi-fi connectivity
  • Hotel Management Software Networking for 10 LAN / internet Points of sales / User departments.
  • Procurement, installation and programming of a 4-zone conventional Smoke / Fire alarm panel {15
    units of smoke detectors, 5 units of call points, 3 Bells, 1 Sounder and 6 units of 9kg DCP fire
    Extinguishers} configured to an auto dialer (3G GSM Device).
  • Installation of 1.5kva power back up (inverter)
  • One-week staff training